De guesthouse

Guest house Marjolein is a wonderful place to stay for 2 people, offering a hotel bed and bath linen service.

The sleeping area has a double bed. You can enjoy watching tv from the couch. The tv can even be turned towards the bed. The entrance hall has a cosy sitting area and a dressing. The cooking range is well-equipped so you can cook whatever meal. The refrigerator is cool, so you can fill it with all kinds of delicacies to enjoy your breakfast, dinner or supper. In order to prepare your meal we can recommend bakeries, butcheries and grocery stores in our city of hop. Marjolein is only 3 km away from the city centre.

Already welcoming you in flower pots, sweet marjoram (marjolein in Dutch) is the leitmotiv throughout the guest house. Marjoram/​​oregano is an herbaceous, fragrant plant that is used in the kitchen to spoil yourself with a delicious tea or to use it for several meat preparations.

It was believed that the sweet scent of marjoram was created by Aphrodite to bring happiness and joy, two feelings you will certainly remember about your stay in this guest house.